Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cameron Highland balik hari (Cerita 2)


Waaahhhhh.....lama betul aku tak update blog nak kasi habis siri balik hari ni.....Sorry la....very busy lately..

Now I know that to write we need time and ideas.....and a peaceful state of mind. Without these elements, could write and share but you would not be able to convey your message nicely.

Now, I'm Melaka..balik kampung to see my daughter. While I have so much free time and bit relax.....I'll finished what I have complete this story.

You can refer to my previous posting here.

This is the second part and final. Hmmm......

After having our lunch at the Marrybrown...we moved upward to Brinchang town.....the pasar malam actually. Last time, we went there with the whole Rahman's and Latifah's family and I was just get married. And today, my wife, daughter and I only.

The pasar malam is a standard as you can find across Malaysia. The only differences are they sell a lot of strawberry-based products and vegetables is fresh indeed. Almost everything related and looks like name it.......yogurt, drinks, fruits, clothes and even toys....

But what the must-try thing is.....strawberries dipped with chocolate......wowwweeeeee.....damn delicious.....but from wife's tastebud la......I don't like strawberry.....heheheh

There was nothing much except for the strawberry things.....everywhere strawberry.......

Since it's already late....we moved back to KL....but we stopped at this place....Cameron Valley Tea Ringlet....on the way down to Tapah.

We had teh tarik at an exclusive price......fresh from farm....hahahaaha

The view from this high point was outstanding and beautiful...but...I am afraid of height...then I took pictures 'far away' from the rail.....hahahahahaha

We spent around 1 hour here before we moved back to KL. We had our dinner at Tapah rest area. We took several more pictures at the area but I won't share it here. Nothing special. We bought guava for our own consumption.

We reached home at around 10pm as I drove quite slow and relax. Luckily, no traffic jam.

Well, that is the story. It sounds crazy going to Cameron Highlands more 200km from home on daily trip. Yes, it was tiring but we were all happy with this journey. But, for daily trip, I would like to suggest for those interested, please make sure that you are ready body, mind and soul. It would take lot of your energy....hehehehhe.....but trust is worthy!

Our beloved country, Malaysia has a lot to offer to her people. I really mean A LOT. Go travel and you will find and learn few things about the places, its people and culture. It does not mean you have to spend thousands ringgit, it is okay travelling domestic and near to your home. If you are filthy rich, it is up to you la where to go.


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