Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We have dreams...

Assalamualaikum & Salam 1Malaysia.

Well....it is time for me to write again and I will write more frequent in year 2013. It is all because of my dreams. I am not talking about dreams during sleep. This is about your dreams that you wanted to do for a long time.

Dream according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary means "something that you have wanted to do, be, or have for a long time".

So, what yours? Mine?

First and foremost, I want to be a writer. This has been my dream since I was in primary school. At least, before I die, I have a book written under my name. My father has had a very big influence to me to write because he wrote a novel named "Pendekar Rimba Selatan" and it was published in 1980. My father had received recognition from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) for his contributions for Dewan Pelajar (defunct I think) back in 1978. I read the 'draft' using typewriter and the characters were close to him and it was all located around Kg. Bukit Senggeh and Selandar. Even, I managed to read his contributions in Dewan Pelajar. He was given a fountain pen engraved with the award but it is very sad, the pen was lost. This is the book cover.

I am not sure if my sisters and brother (Siti, Tikah and Yayan) have any chance to read the novel. I read it numerous times...countless. I don't know if my father still has the prints at home and I don't think so.

I have never changed this goal, not even a slight from my mind. Other writer who influences me quite a lot is Amaruzzati Noor Rahim. She is from Kuantan, Pahang. Several novels under her belts are Siti Johanna, Camar Terbang Senja and Bila Sena Kembali Berbunga. I love her language used in the novels. I came across her piece (short story/cerpen) in Dewan Siswa in year 1993 titled "Johanna". Months later, a novel "Siti Johanna" was published and sold to the public. I quickly bought and read it...again...countless times!!! I just love the language. It was beautiful, soft but yet intriguing. Then, I became obsessed with her pieces like Camar Terbang Senja and Bila Sena Kembali Berbunga. Again, I read it numerous times....

During my formative years, all my books were published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

What do I write? Again, my father has a big influence on my interest in reading mostly military-related and my favourite is anything about "World War Two". I read tons of books and articles about war in Europe and the Pacific. The tactics, campaigns, strategies, weapons, commanders, war theaters and everything about it. I have collection of books about the war. It is my obsession too. And again, it is my father who influences my interest, indirectly.

And, I always looking for workshops to write short story or cerpen (cerita pendek in Malay) but not to avail.

So, my second dream is to travel on motorbike around Malaysia Peninsular. Either on kapchai or superbike. My convoy trips from Kedah to Melaka and back during my student years sparked the interest. I wrote the intro here. After my graduation, I had already started working and my life was busy with office and works. The dream faded away after years of busy. Heh!

And, I came across a blog, Tayar Golek where the blog owner shares his travels and experiences riding a motorbike. Wow! I have been his follower and I enjoy reading his stories. If he can, why can't I?

I got married in November 2008 to a lovely and sweet lady named Salyana. She is from Johor and loves traveling. By coincidence, the dream I long so many years ago sparks again. I traveled with her to several places because she had never been there. A happy wife leads to a happy family....remember that mantra. Hahahaha.

I always tell her that I'm going to have a 'superbike' (250cc just fine) where I will take her ride. Join me riding to new places and see the world. But, she was always say 'No'.....due to safety and security reasons. My reason was simple....we will only ride in Malaysia, not in Uganda or some other unknown or creepy places. Lately, she started 'challenging' me to fulfill my dreams. Aiyoh....mana satu ni.

I am sure that will happen in the future and I will make it happen.

Both above are my dreams, never changed. Nevertheless, there are other dreams that significant in my life but I will not share tonite. Some other time.

Why, out of nothing, this dreams thingy popped out? I read Time magazine (31 December 2012 edition) about Person of the Year. One of the selected was scientist specializing in physic. She quoted, "Never abandon your dreams. You may regret it for the rest of your life". Yes, she is true. I'll share with you about her story later.

And yet, her quote triggered a question in my head, WHAT ARE MY DREAMS? Hell, I have to write about this. And tonite, I am writing about it.

I am to stop writing tonite. I want to finish reading the last print of Newsweek as they go digital starting 1 January 2013.

Everyone has dreams. So, what yours?