Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ayah dan Mak

Sekelip mata tahun 2011 dah habis suku…ada lagi 3 suku untuk sampai ke tahun 2012. Aku rasa lama dah tak menulis. Sebelum ini aku rajin menulis di dalam buku nota peribadi aku sebelum adanya blog. Then, the blog came and I was happy posting something in my blog. My blog name was called “Chetiput”. I chose the name because it was my mother’s call among my uncles and aunties. Even my grand-dad and grandmother called that name. And my mother would address herself “Tet” whenever she talked to them. But, funnier, my grandmother called herself “Adik” whenever she talked with her son and daughters. Hahahaha… seems that everybody got their callsign…heheheh.

Why am I blogging? Actually, I love writing where I can share my ideas and stories about myself and my world. I don’t talk much but I love to listen to what people say. Even, in the meetings, I seldom talked and gave ideas. I don’t know why but I do have tons of ideas in my mind to be shared. And the ideas can only be expressed in form of writing.

Cuma malam ni aku nak merapu serba sedikit pasal tiba-tiba rindu pada mak dan ayah aku.

My father has a novel under his name…please find and read “Pendekar Rimba Selatan”. The novel was published sometime in 1980, if I’m not mistaken. My father was the active in writing children stories back in 1978. You may find his contributions in “Dewan Pelajar” in year 1978. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) had awarded him something which I forgot its name for his contributions. The token was a fountain pen which the award engraved on it. Sorry, I really forgot the award. Unfortunately, the pen was lost so many years ago. I wish to get the pen back and to use it, to feel its soul. Now, my father is a pensioner. He fills his pencen day to look after his small farm and sometimes lepaking at a kedai kopi with his friends. And, he is good in weaving ketupat too. Even, my mother can’t beat him. Hahahahah. He is known as Cikgu Rahman or Rahman Janggut.

My mother is a housewife but indeed, she is the prime minister of the family. Hahahahah….whatever she requested was an order actually, even it was sound like a statement. Hehehhe. But I really love my mother. Nothing compares. She is more ‘garang’ than my father. She did rotan me more than my father did…as far as I am remember. Hhehehe…that was so so so so so many many many years ago. She is the best cook in the world. Nobody beats her. I love his cooking. Sambal goreng, ketam masak lemak and udang masak lemak with peria are my favourites. I love her sambal kacang in raya morning eaten with ketupat. That only can be seen during raya time. The moment I have been waiting in every single year.
She is known as Tiput in family or Kak Tipah among her friends.

I love my parents. Without their wisdoms and advises, I would never be what I am today. With their love and caring to their sons and daughters, we are here today….jadi orang. Hehehehe. My sister is a n occupational therapist in Kuching, another sister is doing her degree in UIA in biology. My younger brother is going to sit for SPM this year. I wish him all the best.

I owe my Ayah and Mak a lot. They never showered me with money but they pampered me with love and caring. And, I don’t know how to pay them back. I can only wish them happiness in my prayers. And I don’t want to lose them. And I want them to be there forever and ever. My life would be miserable without them. That’s for sure. I would feel serene, calm and peaceful when close with them.

I got married on 16.11.2008. I am married to a lady from Pontian. Comel dan petite. I have never thought that I was going to marry her one day. We started our relationship as an office mate back in 2004. She was nothing to me at that time. I was chasing another lady, my ex-college mate. But, she threw me a nuclear bomb…she rejected me. I was so frustrated and never tell anyone. Heheheheh. Then, my future wife came into the picture. Her softness softened me. Hahahaha. Weird. Very weird. There were a lot of differences between us. I was hard-rock kind of guy and she was a Hindi heroine type. Macam langit dan bumi. Hahahaha. She supported and helped a lot during that time mostly bab-bab makan. Hahahahahaha……One thing that I made up my final decision when she told me that she accepted me as it was. That’s it. She did not want posh items, gelang emas or expensive things but just my love and caring. It took sometimes for me to decide then as it was matter of life. After seeking guidance from Allah and my instinct, she was the right lady who I just ignored at the first place. And now, I love my wife more than before. She is my companion sent by Allah and I believe that so deeply. And she will be my companion until the end of my life. Yes, she is not perfect but she is perfect in area that I am imperfect. Heheheheh…..

There are a lot to share but I think it is time to quit the day. Insyaallah, I’ll be back sharing stories and my world.

Love thy family.