Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kuala Gandah II

OK..i will complete my posting today since I am on leave taking care my son....he's got measles.

We stayed at Seri Malaysia Genting Highlands...actually not on top of Genting but in Gohtong Jaya. When we reached the hotel, it was raining and foggy outside. Sejuk la jugak. I made the reservation through Agoda.

It was a big room with 1 queen size and 1 single. And I added extra mattress just in case. Farhana was so happy running all over the place. Fayyad was just looking....thinking maybe....where am I? Hahaha....

As per our standard operating procedure, we must try the food of the hotel's restaurant. There was no dinner buffet nor hi-tea. All ala carte. We ordered sandwiches and hot drinks. Snack for Farhana actually.

Nothing much to do....could not go out jalan-jalan, raining and cold.

We had dinner at same restaurant..we ordered Cantonese Kuew Toew, Vege soup and satay. The taste was not bad. Unfortunately, we could not finish our food, we ate all day long and we were tired maybe.

After dinner, it was time to rest. Farhana and Fayyad went asleep early.

I woke up a bit earlier to smell fresh air and to look at this.

After breakfast, we took a chance to have a better look of the hotel surrounding. The air was refreshing, cool and it was a bright morning.

Since Gohtong has its own strawberry park, we took the opportunity to pay a visit. Don't compare with Cameron Highlands as this is very small in size of land area.

That is all about our short and quick weekend trip.

Wait for our next trip.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kuala Gandah


My last update was back in March 2013 about my day trip to Telok Sengat in Kota Tinggi. Well, tonight I am writing again. This posting is about my weekend trip to Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre taking my little lovely daughter, Siti Anis Farhana to see gajah. She has started talking and kept asking me to see 'Ajah' or 'Gajah' whenever I turned the laptop. I have score of elephant pictures in my laptop and had to show her those pictures.

My son is 7 months now and know nothing about animals. I am eager to wait him to start talking....

Okay...the trip was done on 19.10.2013, 2 months ago. Well, as usual since we have 2 little kids, it took almost 2 hours to dress them up. We had our breakfast at Deli Bakery, one of my favourite spot. It is a kopitiam actually.
Taken 5 minutes before taking off to Kuala Gandah. Kakak with her 'peace' style...

The drive took almost 2 hours. Luckily, the Karak Highway was clear of traffic, so I managed to 'meleper' with my trusted Black Wira. Hahahaha....

We reached there at 11.45am and it was damn hot and humid. 

Kakak : What the hell am I doing here?
Fayyad : What a blue sky....

Enjoy more pictures below.

 The latest member of the family.....very cool person...

Aaaaa......which one is my "ajah"..

It was a hot day. Luckily, there are huts to shade from the scorching sun. The mandi session with the elephants started at 2.30pm but we did not have much time as we had to go to another place. One important rule to mandi with gajah...please don't wear this..

We left Kuala Gandah to pekan Lanchang looking for lunch. Sorry no pictures taken. Lapar punya hal.

After lunch, we moved to Gohtong Jaya as I had already booked Hotel Seri Malaysia to stay overnight. We stopped at Karak to makan durian. It was good and tasty.

We reached Hotel Seri Malaysia at 4.00pm. It was raining outside and damn cold. We got our room facing main road and Genting Highlands. Kakak was so happy running all over the room, jumping, screaming.....

Wait for Part II.