Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kuching 2014 Part II

Well, I have been very busy lately staying until night in the office. There are so many projects going on which have direct impact to my department. Tight schedules and extremely high expectation from the Management make me nervous sometimes to deliver.

Before I continue the story of my journey in Kuching, I would like to wish my Indian friends a Happy Deepavali.

One of the reasons why I chose MAS was because in flight meal. I don't have to pay extra RM8 for a can of Coke. Hehhe. In this flight, I had pre-ordered kid meal for my daughter. As the flight was in the morning, so they had only served sandwiches....cold ones.
 Kakak punya...

Ini Bapak punya...

The flight took 1 hour 30 minutes. There was in flight media entertainment but with sound of the aircraft engine, I had to increase the volume and made me uncomfortable. I turned it off even the movie was Sivaji the Boss. I opened up my book and started reading. Kakak and Adik were sleeping.

At last we entered Sarawak airspace and looking down through the window, I could see S-curved river and forest. I could feel the plane had slowly descended to lower altitude. It would touch down in any moment and I could not wait to step my feet on Kuching soil together with my family.

These pictures were taken once the plane landed and taxiing slowly to the parking bay...hehehhee....Welcome to Kuching.

Here we were in Kuching and it was time to come out from the belly of the bird....and thank you MAS.

In Kuching, I would be staying in sister's house in Jalan Jambu. Until today if you ask me direction to go there, I don't where the hell the street it. It is just 2 row of houses and the only Malay family living there. Others are Chinese, old folks...pensioners I think. Below is the map where my sister lives and I sent this Mohd Wahidi a.k.a Pahang, my tourist guide.

My sister and husband are blessed with 3 kids; Sarah, Saufi and Safia. They were happy when we arrived and in minutes the kids had started turning the house into a playground. Sarah was the happiest as at last, she had a 'friend'.....to play with her.

My first day in Kuching was just to relax from the jet-lag...hahahaha......No activity during daytime. Tido, layan budak-budak ni main.....chit chatting with Syah (Siti's husband). That's all. 

After maghrib, we all went to Kuching waterfront and that will be shared later. Definitely more pictures..hehhe.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kuching 2014 Day 1


I am going to continue my story travelling to Kuching from 13/9/2014 to 16/9/2014.

Before this story starts, let me brief you a bit about this trip. Why Kuching? How it was chosen? When it was planned? I had been thinking for this trip since early this year. So far, Cherating was the far most location for our holiday because I just loved the beach. Langkawi was considered but it was more for shopping purposes. I don't like shopping except for books. Then, Kuching popped out and straight away it would become the destination. Since, my sister works in Kuching so I could save a bit on the cost i.e. accommodation, transport and food. And my old friend, Mohd Wahidi or Pahang is working there and he kept asking me when is the trip. So, again cost for tourist guide would be lower. Hahaha.

The main reason is that my wife has never been to Kuching. So, it is the right time to bring her there. And my two little kids are ready for flying experience. 

I could feel the excitement since the day I placed my booking in end of May 2014 through Malaysia Airlines (MAS). It was my wife requirement as she did not want any airlines other than MAS. It was cheaper RM100 from Air Asia and Malindo Air.

On 13.9.2014, I woke up at 5.00am as the flight was at 10.05am. The taxi would arrive at 7.00am. I had to reach the KLIA as earlier as I could. After everything was ready, there started my journey to Kuching. When arrived at KLIA (Departure Hall), I was shocked to see the long line for check-in and baggage drop. I could feel I might missed the flight.

Alhamdulillah, there were many counters opened and I had dropped all the bags within 40 minutes. It was time breakfast then as we around 1 hour before flight. KFC was our choice for superfast breakfast.

 Bubur dia kureng sikit....adoi...

Kakak with V sign....naik kapal...kejang...takut....

After breakfast, we were hurried to the line for the security check and then to the waiting area. As I was travelling with children, I got first in the line. Kakak and Adik were happy watching the plane in front of their eyes. "Bapak, apai ebang....becaaaaa.."...

Since, we were the first in line....we had this very nice shot before entering the plane. This was the moment when Kakak went 'as hard as rock' and did not want to move an inch. Takut.

OK, I will stop here and to continue.