Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kuching 2014 Day 3


Well, it takes me almost one year to reach Day 3 in Kuching. I hope you readers have patience with me to complete this story. I hope tonight the internet speed is fast enough to update this post.

Today, our 3rd day in Kuching. Our only destination was Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) in Damai. The obvious landmark here is Gunung Santubong (Mount Santubong). This village is next to Damai beach about 40km from Kuching. Click here for more info.

This time I drove to SCV and my brain was the GPS, Waze, Garmin etc.

So we started our day with good breakfast, roti canai. So, Sarah joined us for this trip and at least, Farhana has a friend. The roti canai was good and soft. I don't know where the restaurant is but it is on the same route to SCV. Sarah did not eat spicy food but I told her, if she wanted to befriend with me, she had to eat the roti canai and with curry. And she ate it all. Hahahahah.


After that good breakfast, here we were at the entrance of SCV. It was hot and Fayyad was asleep.

If compared to Taman Mini Asean in Melaka, this one is better. The area is huge, clean and relaxing.
This SCV is a must place to visit if you come to Sarawak. For RM60.00 ticket for an adult, it is value for money.

The bridge is cool and I think these girls have never experience to cross those kind of bridge ever in their lives.

Big girl..

Our first stop was Bidayuh House.

Our next stop....Iban House. I think it is the biggest attraction in SCV.

The girls the happiest ones including one warrior boy from Semenanjung. The girls were dressed up in traditional Iban clothes..,.they looked so cute donning those clothes.

The weather was so hot that the kids were sweating a lot. We were just strolling and lepaking at this house. It is 3-storeys high if I am not mistaken. While I was exploring the house, the others were playing down here..

Every checkpoint, you must stamp the passport a proof that you have been there. Interesting.

After completing the visit to all house, it was time for the cultural show. It is the best cultural performance that I have ever watched so far. 

After the show, we had lunch at the Restaurant Budaya inside the SCV. We reached home around 4.00pm and it was time to relax.

That night we celebrated Siti Anis Farhana birthday. My sister bought cake and gift for the birthday girl. That night we went no where just melepak at home. Borak-borak and relax.

That was our day 3 in Sarawak.

To be continued....