Friday, April 17, 2015

Kuching 2014 Day 1 Part III

The internet speed was damn slow in the last couple of weeks. So, I could not update to finish our first day activities.

Now, let finish the story on the first day.

So, after maghrib we had dinner at home first before going out to the Waterfront. My sister cooked udang galah masak lemak. Well, no pictures for the udang galah...hehehe

What I loved about Kuching Waterfront was due to  easy to access and family friendly. There were a lot of stalls selling snacks, souvenirs, benches, long stretch of walkway overlooking Sungai Sarawak, The Astana and the new Sarawak Legislative Assembly building. It was beautiful and relaxing though.

There you can listen to busker groups singing various songs from sentimental, traditional to rock kapak.
Happy troupe....hahaha

So, here we were at the Waterfront, the whole family. Nikon D3100 DSLR was used here for better pictures...hehehe

The kids were the happiest running around. Even Fayyad did not want to be held as he wanted to walk on his own. As I mentioned before, there were a lot of happenings at the place. Buskers, stalls, indie band and the list goes on. There was a busker group and the singer was a blind. He sang several rock kapak songs and sound good. He managed to draw a good crowd cheering him. Unfortunately, I did not take any picture of him.

I love very much the atmosphere at the Waterfront. Full of entertainment for the people to relax, kids playing around, the buskers, good snacks etc. I hope it will last long enough for me to re-visit again.

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