Sunday, March 24, 2013

Telok Sengat & Desaru


I'm back tonight to share with you another my day trip experience to Telok Sengat and Desaru on 27.1.2013. This trip was a combination of three families.....mine, Nana's and Jian's. Errr......ibu mertua ku sekali terbabit.

This posting will be short.

Total distance from Benut > Kulai > Telok Sengat > Desaru was around 160km. And the RV point was at Jian's house in Kulai.

Where the hell is Telok Sengat. You can read it here.

We took the new Senai - Desaru Expressway but there was nothing along the way to the place. Until we reached this bridge, I asked my wife took these pictures...the bridge across Sg. Johor.

Takleh berhenti atas ni...

By lunch time, we reached Telok Sengat is a pekan actually. A very small pekan. From the waterfront, you can see the bridge. The river is quite big as well.

 Tuan punya blog

 The whole family

 My family


 Nana's...pengantin baru lagi ni...hehehhe

Since it was lunch time, we all rushed to the medan selera at the waterfront. I had had ketam goreng and mee bandung. The rest had goreng-goreng......cepat. And, the most beautiful thing was Nana paid the lunch...hahahhaha....

After a cigarette...we all moved to Ladang Buaya Telok Sengat....."Ladang" ye...bukan "taman". It was 5 minutes drive from the waterfront. The farm has more than 1000 crocodiles bred for its skin and meat. The meat would cost you around RM120 per kilo.....damn expensive.

Yang ni si Jian plak 'payung'.....

There are several 'kolam' inside the farm...starting from the youngest crocs to the oldests (est. 130 years old). They were big and big and big......

After the tour we moved to Desaru. No pictures taken there....bateri kamera hampir kong. There were a lot of people mostly families.

We closed the trip with 'ngeteh' at Mutiara to Batu Layar Beach.....

This was taken on my way home to Benut.

So, that was my trip. It was tiring but we were all happy for the day.

See ya....and good nite.

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