Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kluang Station Kopitiam

Assalamualaikum & Salam 1Malaysia.

Since I am on week long holiday, so I have so much time to update this blog. I am not going for vacation but just lepak at home and have had breakfast...kampung style. Tomorrow, I'll be leaving to Pontian and I can't wait for kedai ketupat and kedai shima for breakfast......heheheh

Apart from reading, I love travelling either by bike or car. It depends on distance and location,. Once, I used to travel by bike as it was only my mode of transport. I did not have a car then. After married, my wife and I traveled only by car as she concerns about safety and security. My bike can't provide that.
Whenever I travel, I love to taste local food which close to local community. I like makan-makan too but not overdose la. Just to taste. Apart from Malay food, I am more to Chinese cuisines but not pork la or any alcoholic drinks.

This posting, I'd like to share my jalan-jalan cari makan in Kluang.

Well, this trip happened in February 2010 after attending my friend's sister wedding in Pagoh. My wife, mom-in-law, sis-in-law and I traveled all the way from Benut to Pagoh to attend the wedding. Then, we decided to have a pit stop at Kluang Station Kopitiam as my in-laws were never been there. And, they too love jalan-jalan.....Other than this kopitiam, I had tried Hai Peng in Kemaman and it was good as Kluang though.

This kopitiam has been 'stationed' inside KTM's Kluang Station...that's the kopitiam got its name...and it is famous in southern region especially Johor.

A must try meal while here is its half-boiled eggs and charcoal-toasted bread. It is worthy for your money. Not to forget the ice coffee...damn good!

 Standard menu at any kopitiam

I was in heaven...

It was hot and humid that day....see my baju...I had to un-buttoned.....heheheheh...not to show my chest hair but indeed it was hot...

My wife does not like half-boiled eggs and you can see her face.....she meant 'Yuck!'....

Well, after having our meal, it is time to wander around the station taking pictures. Here are several of them..
 Papan tanda 1Malaysia....

 The train is coming.....

 Bye bye....please don't leave me....

Eeeiiii.........terkezut akak......

So, after taking several pics, we moved to Pekan Ayer Hitam....when traveling with women....shopping should be part of it. You would spoil the party if shopping not included...tido luar la wok!!!

Well, that is my short story about the trip. I won't elaborate any further. Nanti korang penat plak baca...hehehe

My advise, take your time to go travel...there a lot of interesting places in Malaysia...and maybe just close to your place. Malaysia has a lot to offer to you. 


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